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The Three F'S Of Your Crowdfunding Project

Usually when we want to start a project and don't enough capital, what we do is use our inner circle, this is what is known as the three F's: Friends, Family, and Fools.

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The 30-90-100 Rule Of Crowdfunding

If you've researched a little about Crowdfunding, this post might be curious to you. What exactly does this 30-90-100 business rule mean?

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Request to legislate Crowdfunding in Spain #yocrowdfunding

GetYourCause would like to show our support for the creation of a specific law that regulates the activity of Crowdfunding in Spain. The initiative has been proposed by the Spanish Association of Crowdfunding, an independent and nonprofit association representing platforms and industry professionals in the Crowdfunding sector in Spain.

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Create your promotional video with Videolean with 20% discount off

Let’s keep moving! We want to offer you the best services to make creating your Crowdfunding campaign even easier. That is why we have reached a partnership agreement that gives GetYourCause users a 20% discount on Videolean rates.

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Crowdfunding Rewards Design

A reward is what your backers receive in return when they support your project.

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