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A travel through the former Yugoslavia

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My name is Cecilia and I'm a 32 years old from Argentina. As a passionate of travelling and history, I will start, on April 16th 2016 a travel through the former Yugoslavia, now six independet republics, to understand the way of living during Tito's days and the causes and consequences of the war in every (now) independet country.
This is a really beloved and day-dreamed personal project but I have two collective aims:
1. try to tear down the imaginary walls that still exist among different people, once Yugoslavs, by interviews, getting on the daily life of random families or towns, photography, and any other resource that can come up during the way.
2. to gather all this experience into a book. As it is really difficult to get reading material being a really interesting and unknown topic, I would like to enlight this difficult part of world history with my own experience.
The path starts in Belgrade (Serbia) and in the meantime, you can follow my travel stories in my blog conurbanadeviaje.com
I hope you find my dream/project interesting and if you could help make my dream come true, please don't hesitate contacting me. Remember, everything counts and any help you can give is very useful to me!
Thank you very much in advance! :)

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