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Click here to help Mike out in a time of need

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Mike Thompson, lead guitarist in the Anarcho Hardcore Punk band The Founders is in need of your help.

Back on July 20th a day after my 32nd birthday I was in a hit and run accident while skateboarding home from work here in South Philadelphia. After going to the ER I found that I have broken 3 ribs. Two behind my shoulder blade and one very close to my sternum. I am uninsured which makes this all very expensive. Not to mention in that time since July my hours have been cut significantly at my physically demanding job that is sometimes an hour commute by bus (when they run properly), or an hour and 30 if I have to walk. The current place where I live is not a place where I have any privacy, or peace to remotely be creative or even rest at times. The silver lining is that I found an apartment that is less expensive and is an 8 minute walk to my job that needs to be filled by October 1st. Not to mention this peaceful apartment has a basement waiting to be filled with recording / musical gear. During this time that I'm mending my bones, the more rest and less physical exhaustion my body has to experience beyond work would help quicken the healing, and creative process a great deal.

Lastly, my 72 year old father has been in the hospital down in Florida since August after also being in an accident where he was hit at 40mph from behind by a car that sent him flying 80 feet. Being that I'm in a tight financial spot I have not been able to make a trip to visit him. This is also part of the reason why I haven't been so great at getting back to everyone about musical updates beyond what has briefly been posted on our facebook page.

What the funds will be used for: part of first months rent, rental van / hands to help me move since I can't lift heavy things for another month or two, groceries, and travel costs to visit my father in the hospital.

Any and all donations will be appreciated beyond words. If you cannot afford to donate, please share with anyone who might be interested in helping out.

Peace, love, voluntaryism.

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