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GetYourCause Hungary

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My goal is to spread GetYourCause to Hungary!
However, I know, that the only way to become successful in Hungary is if the whole experience GetYourCause offers, becomes available in Hungarian!
For this we need to translate the page and, without harming the integrity of its design, make it more digestible for Hungarian users!
The translation of the website will be done by me, the money I hope to raise will be used to buy a Hungarian domain, "Hungarian-ise" the design, marketing and technical support.
I hope you can help me reach my goal and make GetYourCause Hungary a reality!

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  • Anyone who helps us will be rewarded with the inquantifiable gift of being a part of something great!... Más información
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  • 10 Euros! You'll be drinking at least 2 less beers for helping me! Thanks a lot! Your reward will be a heartfelt thank you e-mail!... Más información
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  • Wow, Thats really something! More than twenty Euros!! You deifintely deserve a hand written thank you postcard!... Más información
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