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Help Oaxaca! Help Mexico

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Help Oaxaca, Mexico! During the night of last Thursday September 7th, a 8.2 Richter scale earthquake hit Mexico and in particular, the Southern states of Chiapas, Tabasco and Oaxaca. More than 90 casualties have been reported mostly in Oaxaca and over 800.000 people have been affected. Material damages have not been totally accounted for yet. The most affected communities are indigenous communities that lived and worked in these states and access to them has been difficult.

This is the strongest earthquake in Mexico in a century. So far, there have been 800 small tremors and there is a possibility of another big earthquake. In Oaxaca, the most affected areas are the regions of the Tehuantepec Istmus and the Mixe area. In Chiapas 70% of the municipalities in the area of Cintalapa have reported damages. Highways, schools, houses have been lost in the majority of the communities.

Mexico needs your help!!!!

As members of the International Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University Rotterdam) community and Mexican nationals we want to kindly ask for your donations. Any amount helps and will be very much appreciated! Some of us are in contact with different local projects, in the affected areas, that need your help and will make sure that your donation reaches the most needed people.

Gracias!!!! :)

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