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Help The Poor Ukrainian Pensioners To Survive

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It is a very hard task for the pensioners to survive in Ukraine… They have an average pension in $38 per month and have to pay huge bills for communal services, buy the medicines and the most necessary products.
And among these people are those who have been working faithfully all their lives, those whose soul is broken with the death of the own child or relatives, and those who very ill. And they simply have nowhere to go with their troubles and loneliness.
In this situation only a mutual aid and
not indifference can help.
With the purpose to support the pensioners and people in need, 17 years ago the charity canteen was created. Here may come absolutely anyone and get a free hot dinner.
One portion of food for the pensioner costs 50 cent….On this money you cannot even buy a cup of coffee...
Can you just imaging – only one donation in $10 can feed 20 hungry pensioners.
For the most people - it's a banality, but for such people it is a chance to survive!
Let is make a good deal together!

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