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Help me to take a great adventure this fall!

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Hi there friends, help me to take a great adventure with my girl and to start my degree project!
I’m raising money to travel abroad this fall with my girlfriend Mónica. We’re going to visit Washington D.C and New York City and we need at least $500 dollars to help our budget and have a wonderful time in the U.S.

I want to write a diary of Mónica’s first time in the United States. Those trip’s chronicles will include every single detail about her days there, her expressions, her feelings and thoughts about that experience. Furthermore, those texts will have little stories that New York City will provide in every street we'll walk.

Why did I said “to start my degree project”? I’m studying Journalism and Social Communication and as a degree project, I want to make a book with travel’s chronicles about my trips. I’ve already started to do so with a crazy trip I had on Holy Week. In that trip I was completely alone and I wrote almost 70 pages on a trip diary with every detail about it and little stories that I found in the streets of Atlanta and Chicago. This time I don't want to write just about my experience, I want to write about my girlfriend's experience and use it in my degree project.

Let me tell you a little about me and my girlfriend Mónica:

My name is David Fonseca and her name is Mónica Quintero. We're both from Colombia and we live in Medellín City. I'm 20 years old and she's 21.

I'm studying Journalism and Social Communication at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. I'm in seventh semester, so I need to start thinking in my degree project as a Journalist. I really love what I do in my career and some day I hope to be a great writer. Mónica is studying Fashion Design at the same university as I do. She's in fifth semester. I think she's a pretty good designer.

We have been boyfriends for three years and we think that now it's time to travel abroad and face new cultures together, and use it for our relationship and our academic life.

So, we need help to make this dream easier and have a great time exploring Washington D.C and New York City. We need you people to push we up in making this dream come true. Every dollar will count in this adventure. Thanks for reading and support us.

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