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Short before ending business

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I just spent all my savings in a import buying deal ( USD. 110,000.00) and I got short of USD.- 30,000.00 ( aprox Euros 20,000).
Unfortunately this is a kind of situation that only can move forward provided all expenses have been covered.
I am going trough a risky situation since I can lost all my investment if I can not afford to complte full payment.
I need and I want to end this deal.

Recompensas (1)

6.000 € o más

  • 30% of the back money , paid 8 weeks after the Euros.- 20.000 have been got.... Más información
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  • Miguel Gil Pechuan / Responder 9 de diciembre de 2013 14:38

    I compare my cause with a formula one racing car whichis runing out of petrol a few meters before ending the definitive lap. I am winning the race anyway and I want to share the success with all those backers who are brave enough to back me.

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